Amy Richey

If you haven’t tried Mad Chow yet, OMG stop what you’re doing and find them fast!!!!! Seriously some of the best and unique food I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to have them at another event with me!!!!!

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Sabrina Olivares

Samosa’s-newest dessert staple for me ❣️ not only was the customer service impeccable but the homemade dipping sauce for the apple samosa was a match in heaven. 🙌🏽 everyone that i encountered at the festival could smell the delicious freshness An would ask where i got it from!!!Thank you guys!


Dee Woolridge

Amazing food filled will delicious love!! Every thing is authentic and fresh and a fusion of comfort and hugs!

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Sean Murray

This food is THE BOMB!! Mad Chow is my new gold standard to compare all other foods against. I would fight several small children just to get some more of this food!


Dianne Johnson-Thompson

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting owner, Madalisoh Hargrove and experiencing the delight of Mad Chow cuisine. The Mad Chow booth stationed at the Round Rock Juneteenth Festival this past weekend.

I ordered the shrimp eggroll. First of all it was the size of a burrito. Second it was stuffed with shrimp. Third the sauce and seasoning made it yummy goodness! I hear their wings are superb so I'll need to try them next.

You really need to try them!!


Jeri Collins

Home base for Mad Chow is San Antonio. They came all the way over the Houston on July 13th and I am SO glad they did! The food was oh my gosh AMAZING!!! I’m not one for spicy food because it burns all my tastes buds and I can’t taste anything I’m eating. NOT so with Mad Chow! It was just the right balance of spice and I could still taste the food! If you are at an event where Mad Chow is, please go try them! Delicious!

This is one business I will get behind. How about you?


Octavia Dionne Coleman

The Mad Chow experience was quite an experience. The food was tantalizing and tasted better with every bite. It was neatly prepared and tasted as good as it looked. If you want “the experience”, try the the Mad Chow experience.


Temeika Thomas

This food was so yummy. She is so professional and nice. One of the best experiences I have ever had!!!!