With my mother being a chef, cooking was an integral part of life. She knew how to make vitumbuas from scratch, and I would take the leftovers to make jam tarts or sweet samosas. From these beginnings, a  passion for food.
It was during my time in the United States that I endured many struggles. My family and I became homeless, staying in a shelter in Houston for almost 6 months. Using my skills, I volunteered in the kitchen cooking for fellow homeless residents. I loved seeing the looks on their faces after I had prepared a simple wrap like shawarma. While we eventually got out of the shelter, the struggles continued. It was time for change. 
I left Houston in 2016, moved to San Antonio, and have been here since. I decided to step out in faith and follow my life-long desire to start my own business. I prayed about it and by God's Grace, I was blessed with the launch of Mad Chow in March. From Moroccan Tajin to South African Chakalaka,  I look forward to this culinary journey and hope you not only taste the unique flavors of Africa but the love as well. 

Meet the Team


Madalisoh Devera

Chef & Visionary

My full name is Madalisoh Hargrove, nee Mwale,  born in Zambia, raised in England, and living in the United States. With the love of food, came a love for people. I decided to study Public Relations in South Africa where I obtained my BA with minors in Communication Studies and Media Studies at Midrand Graduate Institute in 2003. Mad Chow is "Afrofusion Comfort Food" that highlights my personality as a world traveler by infusing different cuisines derived from different cultures while adding my own twists to create food that tastes like no other!

David Devera

Operating Officer

I was born in North Carolina and grew up loving music. I graduated from Appalachian state with a degree in Music Performance, Composition and Theory. Although I pursued that path, I ended up working in sales for the last 13 years. Mad Chow gives me a chance to work with and on something I love.


Dre Gaskins


I was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I love traveling, and I moved to Texas last year where I met Chef Devera through work. My favorite food is simple: eggs. Waiting on Chef to create a dish for me.


Paige Vetter


I was born and raised in North Dakota but lived in Istanbul for a few years in my 20's. I love Middle Eastern food but African is growing on me. I teach high school English which helps me stay current on social media and trends.


Robyn Bull


I was born in Zimbabwe and went to school with Maddy. I moved to Australia in '98 and love everything business! I thrive on seeing people succeed! I am doing my part to give back by supporting Mad Chow!

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